I lost weight with a Plan, the Products and good Information

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Before Herbalife, my nutritional habits were a mess. I had done too many diets with zero results. In order to follow these diets I had to starve for short periods of time. Although it allowed me to lose a few pounds, once I stopped dieting, I gained the weight back immediately. Plus, I was tired all the time. Not only did I lack a source of good nutrition, but also of good information.

That’s when my mom and sister from México, who had excellent results, recommended the Herbalife® products. I found an Independent Distributor and bought them. Then, I started noticing changes in the way I felt and looked and received information about nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

By taking the products, along with healthy eating habits and exercise, I lost 40 pounds. Since then, Formula 1 shakes are often my breakfast and my dinner. I cut out the junk food from my diet as well.

I also had the support of my husband, who noticed the changes in my image and attitude. I remember he once said, “Wendy, I don’t know if you will lose weight, but keep going because, since you have been on the products, you feel more energetic. ”
I also attended every training. At these trainings, I received inspiration and information to enhance my knowledge of good nutrition and personal growth. It also helped to boost my self-esteem.

Thanks to Herbalife I’ve maintained my ideal weight for years! Herbalife® products are part of my family. I’ve reached goals that keep me happy and I want to continue working on myself because I can attain more. With Herbalife, dedication and time, dreams can be achieved. When I started, my plan was to look better and drop some pounds. Now, my results have allowed me to build a business, in which my success story is the best ad I could ever have.

by Wendy F

About Anne

In 2006 ben ik begonnen met het eten van Herbalife, omdat ik zo futloos was en helemaal niets meer deed aan mijn gezondheid. Ik vond het tijd voor verandering! Na één maand voelde ik al verschil, omdat door de aanvulling van tekorten aan vitamines en mineralen ik weer meer zin kreeg om gezonder te koken en weer te gaan bewegen. Sindsdien eet ik de Herbalife shakes in ieder geval als ontbijt, de beste start van de dag die ik mezelf kan wensen. In de loop van de tijd heb ik veel ervaring op gedaan in het vergroten van mijn fitheid en het verminderen van mijn vetpercentage. Dit gun ik ook anderen mensen. En daarom ben ik in 2010 zelf begonnen als Welzijnscoach en ik doe dat nu dus al 5 jaar met veel plezier!